Veterinary Services

Pet Laboratory

Carr Veterinary Hospital in Oak Ridge, NC, is equipped with a professional pet laboratory featuring top-of-the-line technology to provide accurate and timely diagnostic testing for your furry companions.

Comprehensive Pet Laboratory Services

At Carr Veterinary Hospital, we offer a wide range of laboratory services to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of various pet health conditions. From routine wellness screenings to more complex diagnostic tests, our pet laboratory is equipped to handle all your pet’s testing needs.

Services Offered

  • Blood Tests: Our comprehensive blood panels help assess your pet’s overall health and detect underlying medical conditions such as infections, organ dysfunction, and metabolic disorders.
  • Urinalysis: Urinalysis provides valuable information about your pet’s kidney function, urinary tract health, and hydration status. It can also aid in the diagnosis of urinary tract infections and other urinary disorders.
  • Fecal Examinations: Fecal examinations are essential for detecting intestinal parasites such as worms, protozoa, and bacteria. Early detection and treatment are crucial for preventing serious health problems in your pet.
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Benefits of Our Pet Laboratory Services

Accurate Diagnoses

Our advanced laboratory equipment and skilled technicians ensure accurate and reliable test results, enabling our veterinarians to make informed treatment decisions for your pet.

Timely Results

We understand the importance of prompt diagnosis and treatment. With our in-house laboratory, we can deliver test results quickly, minimizing wait times and allowing for faster treatment initiation.

Comprehensive Care

Our pet laboratory is an integral part of our comprehensive approach to pet healthcare. By offering a wide range of diagnostic tests in-house, we streamline the diagnostic process and provide convenience for pet owners.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Armed with detailed laboratory results, our veterinarians can tailor treatment plans to address your pet’s specific health needs. Whether it’s managing chronic conditions or monitoring response to treatment, we are committed to providing personalized care for your pet.

Prioritize Your Pet’s Health with Expert Laboratory Services

Investing in your pet’s health begins with comprehensive diagnostic testing. Schedule a laboratory appointment at Carr Veterinary Hospital today and give your pet the gift of wellness. Our caring team is here to guide you through the testing process and answer any questions you may have. Your pet’s health and happiness are our top priorities!